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What's with the Sony a6000, and is it still a good purchase in 2022?

The Sony a6000 is a well known and well loved camera. It is incredibly versatile, compact, and it's mirrorless. However, it was released almost eight years ago, and technology has improved significantly since then, and the value of the camera has not significantly dropped. So what exactly does this camera have going for it in 2022?

Let's start with the pros:

  • Not many other cameras can boast about having 11fps except the other models in the alpha lineup and much more expensive cameras.

  • There is an abundance of glass that works with the Sony E mount which includes Sony's flagship models.

  • The camera is incredibly compact. I brought this with me on my recent trip to South Korea and I had very little room in my luggage for any personal items. I hardly noticed it was there even with a couple lenses and filters.

  • You will be hard pressed to find another camera with the same ISO range (100-51200) in this price bracket.

  • The autofocus is very fast

  • There are two custom buttons that you can map functions to. I have one of mine set to toggle the auto focus and the other set to show me my apps list.

  • This camera is a low-light beast. Most of the photography I do is with very little light, and this camera has made the most out of what little light is present every time.

  • Built in functionality to control the camera with your phone using Sony's Imaging Edge Mobile app.

  • Added bonus: the APS-C sensor works well with telescopes for those of you like me who enjoy astrophotography. Paired with the low-light capabilities, this is one of the best cameras for entry-level and intermediate astrophotography.

The cons:

  • The display only rotates up or down.

  • There is no touchscreen like the newer alpha models.

  • This camera can only record up to 1080p video, which is lower than many others in this price bracket.

  • Similarly, the microphone is not all that great. However, this is the case with most cameras.

  • This last one is more of a personal grudge, but you must have the camera turned on to view the photos. On my old Nikon, I was able to view my photos without turning the camera on completely.

The Sony a6000 is still a very competitive camera in 2022 depending on what you need it for. It works very well as a reliable backup camera, especially if you already have other Sony Alpha cameras and can use the same glass. It also is a very competitive low-light and astrophotography camera. However, if you intended to use this for recording video, you should look elsewhere.

What makes this camera still relevant in 2022 for photography is the fact that it is inexpensive for what it can do (at the time of writing it was half the price of the marginally better a6500). This means that you can rest assured that you have a quality base to build off of. As I mentioned previously, there is quite a variety of glass for every use case available to this camera, and you can use the money you saved to buy much better glass, which will make a much more noticeable difference than going from the a6000 to the a6500.

If you think this is the one for you or want to dig further, check out the Sony a6000 here.

These are the lenses that I use with this camera:

You can check out my work on my instagram page, most of my pictures were shot with the a6000.

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